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At the beginning of 2010 I decided to update the facilities on my campsite. Firstly we had to clear away an old elevator, which was at least 70 years old, to another field. I couldn’t bring myself to get rid of it completely – a piece of agricultural archaeology! We also had to move an ancient Opal Manta car which had been bought for spare parts. Next the rest of the site had to be cleared so we had to demolish an old mobile home which had been on the site for at least 40 years. A local contractor took it apart to get all the aluminium off, then left a pile of wood which made a good bonfire.

Seventy year old elevator

Old Mobile Home

Ready for the Bonfire

After learning that a new build toilet block would cost a fortune I bought a cabin through the internet which had to be delivered by a large lorry with a hyab. Getting it into position over the cement blocks was a very tricky business. Once in position it was realised that the fire door facing the campsite would not open from the outside, so it had to have it taken out and put on the opposite side of the cabin and put a new door in its place.

Cabin with hyab

Drainage for Cabin

Top of Septic Tank

Once the cabin was in position the drainage had to done and holes dug for both septic tanks (waste from the cabin and chemical waste). On a wet winter’s weekend this was rather arduous and very soggy. The cement around the chemical disposal unit was just about dry for the Easter weekend so it was all finished just in time.

Digging out for hard standingsPlastic on hard standingsRoad planings on the hard standingsHard Standings for CaravansEntrance flowers

Next five hard standings needed to be dug out, and a drive to link them all up. This meant digging out the soil, laying on heavy plastic to stop the weeds coming through (not an easy job when the wind blew) and covering the plastic with road planings and rolling them in. Metalled paths to the chemical toilet disposal and recycling area were then made. I then placed flower pots with shrubs to enhance the area.

We then had to wait until the summer for the new electricity supply to be connected to the cabin (it takes 2 months from payment to installation) so the showers weren’t operational until July 2010.

Painting CabinCampsite - tents in the orchard

In 2011 it was time to paint the inside of the cabin. My handy lady Clare did a brilliant job to brighten it up. We have yet to start the outside. Hopefully in 2012!

During the 2011 season I have replaced the water heaters over the hand basins and in the kitchen because of old age. The new shower had to be replaced in the spring because it had suffered frost damage during the hard winter. This year we are draining out all of the water from the cabin and closing it down until the spring. The shower/toilet/hand basin unit at the farm house will be used by any late autumn and winter campers and caravanners.

I opened up the closest orchard to the facilities which allows room for 3 medium sized tents, for a limited time during the summer of 2011. I also installed 3 more electric hookups in the adjoining field to the campsite and had this site opened for a limited period, with tents also around the hedgerow.

Crabbs Bluntshay Farm CampsitePeriodically an aerial photography company flies overhead and snaps local farms. This photo is dated 21.3.11 where you can see the campsite with the 5 hardstands and drive linking them together with the cabin at the end of the site. The River Char can be seen at the bottom of the photo meandering on its way to Charmouth.

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